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Voter Service Committee

The Voter Service Committee is one of the most public-facing aspects of our work. The work of this committee includes registering voters, providing the public with information about candidates, ballot measures and topics related to voting, and working at the polls during each election.

Chair: Julie Rodewald,

Meetings: vary; contact Chair or Subcommittee Chair for dates

There are six subcommittees and each one provides many opportunities for member involvement - see below.


 Candidates Forums

This committee partners with other community groups, Chambers of Commerce, cities, Cal Poly and Cuesta College to conduct candidates forums throughout the county, giving voters an opportunity to hear from and ask questions of candidates for public office. In this capacity members serve as runners, sorters, timers and moderators at the forums (for which we provide training). To learn more or volunteer, contact this committee at .

▶ Voter Registration
We host voter registration opportunities all year long. We register voters at public events, senior housing locations, and at local high schools. This is an activity that reflect the League's core commitment to enable all qualified voters to take part in our democracy. Contact this committee at

Voter Information

The primary focus of this committee is Vote411, a non-partisan website sponsored by the LWV Education Fund. 
Committee members contact candidates to encourage them to take part in this important voter resource and monitor/approve the candidates' postings.  They also identify opportunities to publicize this important resource.  Find out more about Vote411 here.  This committee also compiles election-related information and resources and responds to requests for information from the public and/or media. To learn more or volunteer, contact the committee at .


Pros and Cons
Members of this committee, with guidance from the League of Women Voters of California and using the League’s general principles of how to analyze a ballot measure, prepare pro and con discussions on state ballot measures and present this analysis to local community groups. This involves, among other things, identifying what the issue is, what the measure is trying to do, where is the money coming from, etc. For a video explaining exactly what people on this committee do, click here.  For more information or to volunteer, contact the committee at

The League provides inspectors and staff for polling places on Election Day. This is an essential service to the voters of San Luis Obispo County and provides LWV SLOCO with an opportunity to receive funds for members’ service at the polls.
Reach out to our Adopt-a-Poll Chair at to learn more. 

Election Services
This committee helps organizations conduct elections, including Advisory Councils, Farmers Market Associations, and Water Districts.  Members of the committee verify voters, count ballots and ensure that the proper procedures are followed.  To learn more or volunteer, contact the committee at


Here is where you will find current or past webinars we have produced that give voters information they can use when they cast their votes.

Here is a link to the Voter Service YouTube playlist.

As the nation’s largest and longest-standing grassroots voter registration organization, our volunteers register hundreds of thousands of voters and host community voter registration drives across the country each year. 

Many high school seniors are eligible to vote and have very strong opinions about what needs to change! The League of Women Voters is stepping in to educate high school students to prepare them for voting, because they know that people who vote early, vote forever. Watch Sky Bergman's video "Forever Voters."

"If a person votes in their first three eligible elections, they are more likely to become a lifetime voter. "

~ The New York Times


Sara Horne Voter Service Award

Named in honor of a former president and active member, Sara Horne, this is an award that recognizes exceptional service in voter engagement and education.

Here is a list of all the past recipients of the Sara Horne Award Winners.

Ed Cabrera wins the 2022 Sara Horne Award for his work in Voter Service


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