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Board of Directors

Board of Directors, Committees, Minutes, Agendas and members

Board of Directors


Back Row Left to right: Ed Cabrera, Ann Havlik, Patti Dale, Nancy Welts, Lee Chivens, Sharon Kimball, and Boyd Horne

Front Row, Left to Right: Mary Beth Armstrong, Carrie Pardo, Deb Humphreys, Marilee Hyman, Vera Wallen, and Julie Rodewald.

Not pictured: Vallerie Steenson, Dave Humphreys


Co-Presidents: Ann Havlik & Marilee Hyman

1st Vice President/ Civil Discourse: Sharon Kimball

2nd Vice President/ Voter Service: Vera Wallen

Treasurer: Mary Beth Armstrong

Secretary: Vallerie Steenson


Membership Director: Patti Dale

Government Policy Director: Carrie Pardo

Communications Director: Nancy Welts

Youth Voter Registration Project Director: Julie Rodewald

Members at Large: Ed Cabrera, Boyd Horne, Deb Humphreys

VOTER Editor: Dave Humphreys

League MTA Advisor: Caroline De Llamas

Board Actions

According to the Bylaws of the League of Women Voters of San Luis Obispo, the Board of Directors shall have full charge of the property and business of the organization, with full power and authority to manage and conduct same with instructions from the general membership. The 2013-2014 Board of Directors meets the first Friday of every month.

Agendas for each Board Meeting are submitted by Board Members prior to the regularly scheduled meetings.

Board Agendas for the 2014-2015 LEAGUE YEAR

Agenda for June 5

Agenda for May 1, 2015

Agenda for April 3, 2015

Agenda for March 6, 2015

Agenda for February 6, 2015

Agenda for January 9, 2015

Agenda for December 5, 2014

Agenda for November 7, 2014

Agenda for October 3, 2014

Agenda for September 5, 2014

Minutes of each Board Meeting for the 2014-2015 program year are published after approval at the next meeting of the Board.

Board Minutes for the 2014-2015 LEAGUE YEAR

Board Minutes for May 1

Board Minutes for April 3, 2015

Board Minutes for March 6, 2015

Board Minutes for February 6, 2015

Board Minutes for January 9, 2015

Board Minutes for December 5, 2014

Board Minutes for November 7, 2014

Board Minutes for October 3, 2014

Board Minutes for September 5, 2014

Board E-meeting Minutes August 5, 2014

Board Retreat Minutes August 1, 2014

Committees and Comittee Membership


Nominating Committee (2014-15): Chair: Elinor Kogan (off-Board). Patti Dale, Beverly Cox, Janet Kourakis

Financial Review/Audit Committee (2014-15): Chair: Marlys McPherson. Patti Dale, Anne Riswold

Budget Committee (2014-15): Chair: Glenn Silloway (off-Board). Marguerite Bader, Susan Chandler, Sallie Harlan, Sharon Whitney, Mary Beth Armstrong (ex officio), Marilee Hyman (ex officio)

Rules Committee (2014-15): Chair: Vallerie Steenson. Colleen Ehrenberg, Sharon Whitney, Mary Beth Armstrong (consultant), Marilee Hyman (ex officio)


Natural Resources, Planning & Land Use: (2013-14): Jim Patterson and Neil Havlik (off-Board) consultants

Higher Education Study Committee (2014-15): Chair: Cindy Marie Absey (off-Board). Kris Barnes, Eric Greening, Harriett Hankins, Boyd Horne, Sue Nash, Carol Parente, Carrie Pardo, Sharon Whitney

Civil Discourse Action Committee (2014-15): Chair: Emily Penfield (off-Board). Cindy Marie Absey, Beverly Cox, Bruce Gibson, Bud Hankins, Marilee Hyman, Sharon Kimball, Sue Nash, Carrie Pardo, Sharon Whitney

Environmental/Public Health Review: Chair: Mary Beth Armstrong. Marguerite Bader, Vallerie Steenson

Communications: Chair: Alice Bunker. Public Relations: Vallerie Steenson (co-chair). Beverly Cox, Patti Dale, Marilee Hyman (ex officio)

VOTER: Sharon Whitney, Susan Chandler,

Website/Internet: Lanny Hernandez, Randy Allen, Nancy Welts

Government: Chair: Carrie Pardo. Sharon Whitney

Development & Fundraising: Chair: Sharon Kimball. Harriett Hankins, Marilee Hyman, Dawn Natale

Membership: Chair: Patti Dale. Jean Chinnici, Beverly Cox

Salon Series: Chair: Ann Havlik (off-Board) . Alice Bunker, Emily Penfield

Social Policy: Chair: OPEN Kathy Henderson, Sylvia Leap

Voter Service: Chair: Vera Wallen. Marguerite Bader, Lois Hughes, Emily Penfield

Voter Service Volunteers: Charlie Archibald, Mary Beth Armstrong, Marguerite Bader, Alice Bunker, Susan Chandler, Lee Chivens, Beverly Cox, Pati Dale, Colleen Ehrenberg, Bud Hankins, Sallie Harlan, Boyd Horne, Sara Horne, Lois Hughes, Trudy Jarratt, Sharon Kimball, Janet Kourakis, Joan O'Keefe, Carrie Pardo, Emily Penfield, Gary Steenson, Vallerie Steenson, Patti Tackett, Nancy Welts, Sharon Whitney, Mary Lou Wilhelm, Sharon Winslow

Adopt-a-Poll Inspectors: Patti Dale, Lois Hughes

Smart Voter: Ann Havlik, Alice Bunker


Opening Meeting 2014: Co-chairs: Alice Bunker, Sharon Whitney

Holiday Party 2014: Co-chairs: /Emily Penfield and Jean Chinnici Susan Chandler, Valerie Endres

Program Planning 2015: Co-chairs: Sharon Kimball, Carrie Pardo. Emily Penfield

Annual Meeting 2015: Chair: Patti Dale. Marilee Hyman, Vallerie Steenson

Opening Meeting 2015 Chair: OPEN

Facilities Coordinator: Dawn Natal

Board Meeting 2013-2014 Agendas and Meeting Minutes